Turn KPIs
into Advantage

  • customer: Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
  • industry: Government
  • website: https://tdra.gov.ae/

Solution Components

  • System Administration
  • Assessment Administration
  • Assessment Modules
  • Workflow Module
  • Dashboards and Reports

The government’s digital transformation has become the cornerstone to improve citizen services, improve government efficiency, fight corruption, and analyze citizens trends to elevate/improve interaction with government entities. The transformation involves a set of procedures/processes that embraces lots of services, maintaining security, agility and excellent customer experience. ASSET has provided over the past years and going forward major automation projects to governments in the Middle East region to optimize and automate


TRA had low visibility on performance of services they provide, accordingly, decision making became slower and the challenges kept increasing. The manual process of tracking the performance of services was extremely time consuming and the manually extracted results were most likely inaccurate. Data kept diversifying between structured and unstructured that it was difficult to be validated or analyzed.


It all started by ESCWA’s need to assess all the government services around the world using one common international model called “GEMS”. And here comes the solution by ASSET Technology Group – Qiyas Comprehensive Assessment Solution – a comprehensive solution to assess whatever is needed to be evaluated on a periodic basis, using a fully configurable set of assessment models.

GEMS was very sophisticated, hence came the idea to build a generic solution that allows the dynamic creation of any assessment models, with different levels of complexity based on the need. It took ASSET Teams 5 months to build a solution that addresses performance improvement in the Government Industry.

Qiyas was designed to fit any size, any industry with a fully configurable set of assessment models and KPIs that suits the assessed services/entities and the organization metrics.
As the analytics landscape is rapidly changing. Qiyas provides a standardized view on performance, for top-level decision makers, which empowered the organization to achieve continuous sustainable improvements.