Financial Sector

Are Banks Ready to Respond to
Digital Change?


The financial sector has come a long way since its first introduction in the ancient times to our modern lives today. The evolution from a modest barter and gifting system in older communities to a more complex, digitally based system that we encounter its transactions and engagement every day has built the world economies stronger and future- driven.

The trendy Digital Transformation term has taken over the internet for the past decades since its inception in the late 1990’s, yet it has created confusion across organizations to what digital transformation can actually achieve for them.

Banks question how digital transformation can affect, change, or impact their operations, but as much as marketing has pushed the term of transformation off its original purpose, there lies true value for banks to adopt a “seamless, impactful and scalable digital transformation strategy.”


Can digital transformation change the way
long-term information is accessed, exchanged, and preserved?


The evident answer is: YES. We are not just helping banks become paperless and digitalize their paper operations and workflows, we are supporting their every-step operational, customer facing engagement and back-office processes. Our digital transformation perspective embraces banks’ overall vision and future goals, because eventually, we work to help them generate real growth and impact.

Banks produce huge amounts of information and data on daily basis, the way this information is exchanged, processed, taken actions over is critical in the banking operations. So, how do our banking solutions optimize the banking functions and drive an efficient long-term value?
Depends on your banking needs and vision, the below solutions have been crafted to make your full banking practice – elevated.

  • Deal Management
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • Retail Front-office Automation
  • Credit Cards Management
  • Managing Client Documents
  • Spool Files Management
  • Personal Loans Management
  • Mortage Management
  • Online Access to Forms and Procedures
  • Mobile and Online Banking Services
  • Enterprise Reports Management
  • Automation of Admin Processes
  • Repository for Signature Verification

How can we accelerate innovation inside the banking sector?


Banks are forward thinking organizations which requires that they have continuous control over their systems. Therefore, it has been very important for our teams to create solutions that helps banks manage and regulate information which meets their regulatory compliance schemes, in addition, to integrate with their existing systems to provide a single, unified view of their critical information assets. Because, at the end, it is not how much data banks possess and generate every day, but rather what they do with this information is what makes all the difference.

Our banking solutions help banks compete efficiently through a digital strategy that reduces risks, mitigates regulatory compliance, enhances customer service, improves operational efficiency, and delivers competitive edge to the bank stakeholders.

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Central Bank Reports Builder
  • Credit and Loan Origination Management
  • Backlog Conversion
  • Physical Records Management
  • e-Remittance
  • Enterprise Reports Management

What changes in your banking operations when you let us help you today?


The sky is the absolute limit. We have been serving banks for the last 30 years bringing digital transformation into their business even before the term was actually created. It brought us in-depth experience and knowledge about how the financial sector has been evolving and where it is heading. So, here are just some benefits of how our banking solutions can make a difference:

  • A centralized, single access repository to all stored information and bridging connection points between physical and digital twins.
  • Seamless digitalization of all physical records
  • Unique banking services and better customer experience
  • Improve compliance and adherence to regulatory policies
  • Produce, access, exchange, share, and preserve bank information in secured digital repositories
  • Better collaboration across diverse banking stakeholders
  • Advanced reporting capabilities over various processes and performance facing services
  • Full integration with core banking capabilities such as Flex-Cube, Mysys, etc
  • Maintain accurate customer data across different banking touchpoints
  • Better resources utilization, boosted performance and consistency through automated bank processes

Why choose ASSET?

ASSET Technology Group has been serving the IT software market since 1991, our business approach embodies innovation, ethics, delivery, and customer support to its core.
We have put 30 years of extensive experience and learning into our business model to support the changing landscape of organizations today.
Your client’s expectations are growing, services and distribution models are changing, competition is getting tougher and reaching your customers efficiently requires a competent software partner.