Gain a New Digital Perspective

ASSET Banking solutions help customers create, manage, share and store all types of content in a central manner which boost staff productivity, reduce processing cycles and costs and also ensures information privacy and compliance. ASSET assists banks and financial entities to efficiently compete in today’s changing economies through solutions that reduce risks, mitigate regulatory compliance, enhance customer service, improve operational efficiency, and deliver competitive edge.


Solutions for all your banking needs

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Central Bank Reports Builder
  • Credit and Loan Origination Management
  • Backlog Conversion
  • Physical Records Management
  • Fixed Assets Control
  • e-Remittance
  • Enterprise Reports Management

Key values and benefits

  • Improve customer service and competitive positioning
  • Provide accurate online customer data
  • Provide statistical reports regarding various services, including KPIs
  • Optimize resource utilization through automating bank processes
  • Achieve compliance according to international standards
  • Provide BI tools to support decision makers
  • Full integration with core banking applications such as Flex-Cube, Mysys, etc)

Solutions to the Financial Sector

  • Deal Management
  • Customer Complaints Management
  • Retail Front Office Automation
  • Credit Cards Management
  • Spool Files Management
  • Personal Loans Management
  • Mortgage Management
  • Online Access to Forms and Procedures
  • Mobile and Online Banking Services
  • Enterprise Reports Management
  • Automation of Admin Processes
  • Repository for Signature Verification
  • Managing Client Documents