A3maly – ERP Solution

An All-Inclusive Business Backbone


Are you starting a new business or managing your current growing business?

The ability to lead and rapidly cope with the diverse business ecosystem changes can delay your progress and growth if you are not always ready. Empowering your business is not an easy mission and technology readiness is no longer a business luxury, but rather a business need for survival.

A strong technology groundwork will help you maintain and grow your business operations during unstable business conditions. Taking full control over your business information, transactions and performance enables you to always make the right decision at the right time.

When it comes to starting a new business or managing your existing business, it is very important to have a clear understanding about every aspect of your operations.

A3maly incorporates the latest technology framework to enable your business to have a holistic view of all your company operational data in a centralized platform through a set of competent modules: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, Stock Management, and Accounting. These modules cover your full spectrum of business analysis and performance, empowering your business anytime, anywhere.


Track your sales efficiently
from your lead’s first click to sales closure
and beyond:

360° Holistic View of Opportunity


You can now easily access your contacts information through A3maly, understand sales patterns, interactions, resources, assign leads to designated sales people, create follow-up actions, close opportunities and more. You will be able to observe and track valuable customer data and assess performance relevant to your customer interactions and available opportunities.


Solution Benefits:


Bilingual Interface

Easy, speedy and pre-configured to put your operations on track immediately

Fast time Implementation and Deployment


Cloud implementation eliminates on-premises IT costs

Improved Planning and Reporting across your company

Information is highly secured and accessible anytime, anywhere