Correspondence Management System


Every day, hundreds of correspondences get lost in the mess of our daily interactions, lots of tasks over run their deadlines due to the lack of following up, and Critical correspondences may be interfered by others. Organizations need a system that streamlines the complete life cycle of a correspondence – From origination to dissemination; with smart capabilities for sorting, processing and communicating correspondences across departments.

ARROW is a state-of-the-art Correspondence Management Solution built on top of OpenText platform (Documentum / OpenText Content server), where it adopts their infrastructure, connectivity, open architecture, cloud concept, and high performance. It centralizes and manages the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences. ARROW enables customers to effectively manage all organization correspondences in a streamlined process from creation/acquisition, processing to archival. ARROW allows its customers to get transactions / mails / communications / tasks at the right time in the right way: timely, accurately, conveniently, securely, and relevant.


Features and Components


Advanced and powerful search

Correspondence responses along with related attachments can be easily retrieved any time and used as a starting point for similar inquiries.

Flexible Ad-hoc Workflows

Avoid stalled workflow when participants are out of office through user defined delegates and administrative overrides.

Correspondence Tracking

Maintain a complete history of all actions performed and comments made throughout the entire correspondence process.

Performance Monitoring

Improve productivity and enhance performance of individuals by getting analytical and productivity reports about users and tasks in action

Automated Tasks Management

Tasks assignment and follow-up in an automated approach


Solution Architecture

ARROW - Solution Architecture

Solution Capabilities and benefits


  • Achieve a digital, paperless environment, that support a better collaborative and productive working structure
  • Efficient and cost-effective management of all your diverse correspondences and communications formats through a single platform
  • Keep a unified and consistent organizational flow of processes across your organization
  • Maintain real-time, history and audit trail of communications and actions performed and comments made throughout the entire correspondence lifecycle
  • Lead your business operations efficiently, anytime, anywhere through ARROW multiple smart devices access, the solution is accessible via ARROW web interface, tablets and smart phones.
  • Get hands on access to expert analytical and productivity reports that provides better insights to business performance
  • Achieve optimum levels of security across your organization’s communication assets through ARROW multi-layer security module that complies with highest information security procedures and authentication
  • Optimize your employees’ capabilities through ARROW tasks management, assignments, monitoring and follow-ups in an automated approach designed to achieve maximum
  • ARROW enables integration with other business applications via a web services layer that provides a flexible integration approach