NAMAA – Crop Farming Smart Solution

Transforming Agriculture Practice into Digital Competence


Agriculture can be broadly denoted as the practice of: producing, processing, growing and distribution of agriculture products to communities of given countries. Agriculture stirs the lifecycle of economic systems and plays a vital role in economies of the world, as it is the main source of food and is signified as the principal source for employment and income across different rural communities.

For decades, agriculture has been facing numerous challenges threatening the sustainability of food and raw materials supplies. Transforming agriculture into a connected smart agriculture ecosystem, will revolutionize farming, introducing numerous benefits to our modern day world. Where it is easier to improve water productivity, optimize farming costs, enhance crop yields and crop quality, increase profitability, manage farms remotely and more.

The introduction of smart solutions into agronomy and daily farming practices has become inevitable, in order to provide a decision support system to farm owners and farmers, minimize the effect of various environmental threats and facilitate a smooth adaption with the climate change.


Challenges in the agriculture industry

Crop Yield

Enhance Crop Yield and Crop Quality

Pests and Diseases

Pests and Diseases

Water Scarcity and Water Quality

Water Scarcity and Water Quality


Growing World Population

Growing World Population

Water Productivity

Water Productivity

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming and Climate Change


Crop Farming Smart Solution


NAMAA Smart Farm Management Solution is a full-fledged farm management solution built on state-of the-art IoT technology that manages farms of all sizes, efficiently and remotely. The solution has been designed, developed and implemented with full attention to farm management challenges and needs that farm owners have been facing over the years. Our aim is to maintain an ideal environment to increase crop yield, prevent crop diseases and improve water productivity.


NAMAA focuses on gathering information from sensors to analyze data related to soil, irrigation water, weather, fertilizers, pesticides, pests and diseases to provide you with a holistic assessment of the farm vital parameters and potential threats. The solution operates on mobile/Tablet devices to facilitate:

  • Monitor vital parameters for soil, weather and water
  • Receive instantaneous data from various sensors and then convert it into valuable information to help farm manager taking effective decision in the right time.
  • Control and optimize the utilizations of resources
  • Provides valuable weather parameters to mitigate potential risks which could affect negatively crops production (quantity and quality)
  • Provide valuable surveillance records for crop growth and farmers activities


Solution Key Features

NAMAA Key Features

How can NAMAA support your farm experience?


More data, means more information and better decision making.

Getting hold of farm related data from different sensors and transforming it into meaningful information through easy to read visuals supports:

  • Better and faster farm management decisions
  • Increase crop yield and enhance crop quality
  • Predict and avoid pests and diseases attacks
  • Understand water utilization and enhance water productivity, optimize cost

Increase Crop Yield

Through the different forms of data and information provided by the system, you are able to:

  • Employ precautionary measures, against weather changes, disease or pests
  • Make better decisions by minimizing false and inaccurate reports
  • Anticipate and minimize disease and pest infection
  • Maintain a competitive edge in the market by knowing the best time to harvest

Improve farm management and security

With remote monitor and control, farm managers achieve better control over farms and enhance safety and security by full coverage and surveillance of their farms.

Timely and remote access to your farm

With all farm data available at any point in time – through the app, farm owners and managers are always informed in a timely manner regardless of their current location.

Enhance water productivity

When farmers and farm managers actively monitor and manage water irrigation, they can avoid overwatering or under watering farm fields, which if left unhandled contributes to agronomic and economic impacts on the harvest, soil and farm




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