Extra Balance

An Overview


Overlooking the Telecommunication market today, Voice and SMS are driving slow growth revenue which triggered mobile operators to diversify their services; focusing more on creating innovative value added services (VAS) that can create new revenue streams.

Creating a new revenue stream from these VAS requires collaboration with competent technology partners with deep understanding and insights into consumer behaviors and preferences, and the ability to design, deliver, manage and refine the service propositions.

With close to a decade of experience in delivering and managing mobile information services, ASSET has been delivering and managing mobile information services for more than 10 years , supporting mobile operators in the Middle East and Africa, to select and customize products in a way that improves and reinforces the operations of mobile operators.


Core Features


Speedy Deployment

Extra Balance is designed for rapid implementation and easy integration with existing infrastructures, prepaid, billing, SMSC’s, Mediation, DWH, etc.

Simplicity of Operations

Bearer APIs are available for integrated delivery within your applications and standard packaged. Configuration is fast and simple so changes are easily accommodated. Local installation is also provided.


Extra Balance is success-proven in large-scale production environments. The system is deployed in the market and serves more than 30 million subscribers working perfectly under the load of 65 Transactions/sec with ability to expand.


Multi-Tier, Multi-Segments

Extra Balance enables the customer to borrow extra balance when he is out of balance and when he finishes it enables him to borrow more, till he reaches tier limit (on-credit-limit) of his segment

Automatic Advertisement

System allows you to configure automatic advertisement SMS when customer is out of balance or reaches a certain limit


Our Approach


We engage with mobile operators to determine the scope of the engagement encompassing Extra Balance system and a comprehensive suite of delivery as we offer various models of deployment to suit different business needs and environments.

In this approach, our solutions are mature, proven, with a rich set of functionalities to rapidly and cost effectively deliver the planned services in a consistent and cost-effective manner as it utilizes the latest Java/J2EE architecture.

  • Proven in large scale production deployment
  • Suitable for high volume capacity
  • Supports different methodology of operations and integrations