Jupiter ECM Solution

Information Driven
Enterprise Content Management Solution


As we move forward into a fast pace world, the future is creating lots of opportunities ahead, but seizing them is not as easy as it may seem. The digital age is taking over and the route to success is to promptly cope with the changes taking over business environments today. Your organization is longing for the digital benefits that are promised by lots of IT vendors around, but the digital upheaval is more than virtual possibilities and potential but rather real business values to achieve.

Jupiter ECM is not only a content management solution but rather an information management strategy that embraces a set of methodologies and tools that enable your organization to save on time and money by properly managing and utilizing diverse content forms dispersed across different locations and multiple teams or departments.

Jupiter ECM Solution Components

How it works



Scanning and Capture

Jupiter Capture Module allows importing large volumes of content from different sources into a centralized, secured and systematized repository

Content Categorization

Jupiter provides a formal structure for information, based on each individual needs in a business. Categorization tools automate the placement of content for future retrieval based on the taxonomy.

Powerful Multilayered Security

Jupiter’s multi-layered role-based security model ensures that the most complex security approaches are applied to secure and protect your valuable business information


Transform your business needs into business value


Descriptive content attributes

Searching in the indexing fields associated with documents and folders. The user fills the fields he is interested in and the system searches for all the content that satisfies the search criteria.

Search by label

The simplest method available, where the user enters the document or folder label and specifies whether he is performing exact or near search.

Full-text retrieval

Through Jupiter FTR search, users are able to search within contents of textual documents and OCR-ed images aided by the embedded thesaurus and stemming options.

Manually-built queries

A query building tool is presented to the user which enables him for building advanced queries that include more than one table with aggregate operations support. Also, queries can include logical operators such as (AND, OR, NOT, etc…) and can be saved for reuse.


Jupiter ECM Solution

How to choose
the RIGHT ECM Solution for your business?

Make sure your ECM solution has the capabilities to deliver your business:

  • Efficiency of ECM Backbone Components
  • Integration with the Existing IT Infrastructure
  • Accessible information anytime, anywhere
  • Automated Capture and Image Processing
  • Premium Enterprise- Class Capabilities:
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Control, audit and reports
    • Multilingual Support
  • Compliance with Industry Regulations
  • Advanced workflow capabilities
  • ECM Vendor Experience and Support
  • Global technical support
  • Readiness of implementation with partners and experts

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