An Innovative Campaign Management Experience

Campaignster is the modern Campaign Management System that competently acknowledges and addresses the challenges organizations face in customer segmentations and delivering personalized, relevant marketing campaigns to customers. Campaignster gathers your dispersed customer data across the different platforms/tools/departments into a single unified view, which brings your organization into coherence when creating customized campaigns and measuring effectiveness.

The campaign management platform makes it possible to have single view, real-time updates to your customers’ data across the different segmentation scenarios created on the system, pushing for better segmentation models that meet the various marketing goals the organization needs to achieve.

Customer behavior is evolving and the rate of rising online cluster validates customers’ everyday actions to block, unsubscribe or refuse to browse the delivered irrelevant marketing communications they are bombarded with. It’s no longer about reaching your customer, but rather reaching the right customer with the right campaign and offer.


How Can Campaignster Empower your Campaign Management Experience?


  • Adopt a holistic yet specific marketing approach that will help you retain, cross-sell and upsell to your existing customers through effective customer clustering and segmentation strategy catered to the segment’s needs
  • Design the right- focused promotional approach that delivers your organization’s value proposition to your customers
  • Develop specific targeting, better reach, reduce promotional costs over irrelevant target segments
  • Promote cross-functional collaboration across different teams in your organization on delivering competent campaigns to your customers
  • Create customized campaigns focus and approach according to different and new customer segments
  • Unlock new streams of opportunities to innovate and utilize reaching the right customer
  • Identify the right segments when grouping your customers provides a better service experience and knowledge about your customer interactions with your organization
  • Boost customer retention through helping customers receive the most convenient and relevant promotions, offers, etc and boost service adoption and referrals

There is no one size that fits all

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