Our Story


Starting a company requires a vision, a dream to work for, take the risks and bear the challenges that accompany the journey. It’s not an easy journey though, but persistence and trust make things happen.

Our founder Eng. Essam ElBadri had a dream of creating a digital transformation hub in the Middle East that stretches its capabilities beyond borders. Bringing new shades of change across organizations through technology application. We started small, with a team of highly skilled engineers who were able to lead the path for ASSET to become one of the most recognizable technology vendors in the MENA region.

Our leadership team has been the solid foundation for the company, most of them celebrating today 15 years and more in this journey. We are absolutely proud of them.

And our employees fueled the wheels of innovation over 30 years to deliver what we do today.
That’s just a brief about how we started, but the journey has been quite long and rich with lots of achievements, downturns, and progress. The beginning has been inspirational and hard, but today, we celebrate 30 years of persistence and real presence in the market. A company that has been widely acknowledged to “deliver” to its commitments to all its customers. A reputation we are proud to preserve.




What we do


We help organizations of different sizes and industries to scale their operational capabilities to new targets through the implementation of technology solutions.

Solutions that are catered to deliver what your company needs and aspires. Whether your focus has been to save time, costs, optimize operational performance, digitally transform paper processes, manage correspondences efficiently, communicate with your customers better, or deliver better services, we deliver.

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Our Values



Our people represent ASSET’s life stream, every single effort impacts our operations. We believe in keeping people at the core of everything we do



We keep our promise to deliver exceptional customer experiences


Respect & Trust

Respect to each other is what holds our community together. Our teams’ skills, expertise and dedication build integral trust towards our services and solutions



The ability to innovate is not just a skill, it is an inherent mindset to challenge controls and limitations. We innovate to BreakThrough



We set our standards high and we put our full efforts and force to excel beyond expectations


Social Responsibility

We work to create value that delivers impact over our communities in a way that enables social gain to prevail