NILE360 – Non-life Insurance Management Solution is an integrated set of modules that span the entire insurance life-cycle through a user-friendly, highly configurable web-based interface built for the non-life insurance market from the ground up using the latest technologies. It supports automated policy administration, rating, issuance, endorsement, billing, claims, reinsurance administration and distribution, as well as the financial handling of all insurance operations. The business value incurred through implementing NILE 360 reinforces the ability to optimize operations/processes, uplift profitability of insurance operators , deliver better insurance providers experiences, enable innovation and boost business agility.

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Insurance Types

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Solution Benefits

Insurance automation can bring a lot of relief to insurance companies facing issues due to complicated paper work cycle. With Business automation insurers can respond on time to requirements, stay flexible to almost any transformation that the industry experiences, ensure that they are able to deliver the high quality service that they promise, and gain the profitability they aim.

  • Simplified processes and better data protection
  • Cost reduction and increased revenue
  • Reduced time and effort spent on administrative work
  • Increased efficiency and reduces error margin
  • Better investment opportunity in enhancing customer experience
  • Faster claims processing
  • Better internal communication between departments
  • Increased management visibility and improved decision making
  • Reduced paper processes
  • More effective use of resources


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