Creating a Productive Meeting Environment

With the overwhelming number of meeting requests and mess that meetings leave behind, there is a critical need to bring the process of managing meetings to a new stage. MMS takes meetings from hassle to harmony by managing meeting requests, attendees, schedules, agenda, minutes of meetings and related actions.

MMS built on .net is designed to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and align meeting goals and output.

Scheduling and managing meetings and facility reservations is an important component in the operations of any organization, from enterprise-level to service-based small businesses

Business Meetings Challenges
  • Traditional meeting management methods have high operational costs
  • No centralized repository for meeting minutes and actions
  • Increased time spent in communicating and aligning attendees
  • Lack of collaboration, actions distribution and results tracking

Empowering Business Meetings with more than just a Meeting Tool, but a Business Approach

Discover the Benefits of our Meeting Management Solution
  • Simplifies and automates the meeting communication process
  • Schedule, monitor, plan and re-plan meetings to help free the burdens from meeting organizers
  • Standard and accurate documentation improves the decision making process
  • Provide real-time reporting, MOMs logging and task management
  • Provide better communication channels
Well-managed Meetings Enable Organizations to Compete Efficiently
  • Build strategies while planning new projects and discussing business concerns
  • Agree on actions & move in a coordinated manner
  • Provide better communication channels
  • Reduce both cost and time significantly
  • Facilitate distribution & ease of collaboration
  • Provide real-time reporting, MOMs logging and task management

MMS brings a unique perspective to meeting management processes

Reinforcing Visibility, Accountability and Efficiency to Organizations