ARROW Correspondence Management System

Every day, hundreds of correspondences get lost in the mess of our daily interactions, lots of tasks over run their deadlines due to the lack of following up, and Critical correspondences may be interfered by others. Organizations need a system that streamlines the complete life cycle of a correspondence – From origination to dissemination; with smart capabilities for sorting, processing and communicating correspondences across departments.

ARROW is a state-of-the-art Correspondence Management Solution (CMS) built on top of OpenText platform (Documentum / OpenText Content server), where it adopts their infrastructure, connectivity, open architecture, cloud concept, and high performance. It centralizes and manages the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences. ARROW enables customers to effectively manage all organization correspondences in a streamlined process from creation/acquisition, processing to archival. ARROW allows its customers to get transactions / mails / communications / tasks at the right time in the right way: timely, accurately, conveniently, securely, and relevant.

ARROW Correspondence Management System


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