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The world is leading a fast pace technology upturn impacting countless businesses around us, and it is not stopping any time soon. The term “Digital Transformation” is rising and the ability of organizations to cope with change is becoming highly challenging. The Insurance sector has been undergoing lots of challenges to cope with the rise of technology waves and for many years now, non-life insurers have faced a fast evolving market: new legislation and regulations, rapid digitization, the need to streamline business processes, etc.

“Insurers are urged to rethink their priorities and focus on revamping their operations to accommodate the digital transformations contributing to the trend”

McKinsey & Co.

Limited Management’s visibility for work queues, and the difficulty of accessing information from different departments, are common pains that every insurer can relate to. It’s not enough to rely on word-of-mouth in processing policy renewals or in assessing a claim.


Time for the Insurance Industry to go digital

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