Simplify, Automate, Analyze and Track Correspondences Life cycle

Organizations face the challenge of effectively keeping track of thousands and sometimes millions of correspondence coming in and out, such as emails, letters, reports, policies, contracts, etc. Managing and controlling information is essential to react to business challenges and maintaining positive customer experiences.

Maintaining correspondence security to designated users is crucial and quite a challenge with the huge flow of information across your business touch-points.  Creating timely and personalized communications, automation and secured access to information create further demand to have an efficient correspondence management system in place.

A correspondence management system automates your full business communication process. You can track all incoming and outgoing correspondence and make it available to all application users through a single, secured CMS platform. It has become very important to stay on top of every interaction your business produces to make better decisions.



Why do you need a Correspondence Management System?

  • Maintain a unified, secured repository for managing correspondences within a single platform
  • Link communications, documents and attachments to navigate quickly and easily through the linked correspondences/documents from a single interface
  • Maintain a complete audit trail and archive of every communication sent, received and updated
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate, fast and reliable replies and actions to inquiries