UNESCO RANKS EKB as The Best Integrated Scientific Knowledge Platform in The World

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) has captured the attention of the world, presenting digital learning, research, and education to Egyptians even before the COVID Pandemic made its global impact.

EKB is an initiative launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi during National Science Day of 2014. The vision has been highly considered by the Egyptian Government and the Ministry of Education as building a fundamental the groundwork to a new, innovative educational model in Egypt. EKB bestows unlimited educational and scientific resources exclusively for Egyptians, with more than 35 content providers/publishers from the top ranked worldwide who signed long-term arrangements with the government.

We are very proud to have been EKB’s (Egyptian Knowledge Bank) technology partner responsible for building the World’s First Digital Library and bringing new opportunities into the educational horizons to all Egyptians.

Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education participated in various talks at the UNESCO’s HQ Paris, France to discuss the current global situation of education and exchange experiences with the various countries participating in these seminars. The EKB experience has been regarded by the UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank as setting foundation for building the new Education System 2.0. In addition, they invited more than 190 member states to benefit from the Egyptian Knowledge Bank successful experience which was ranked by UNESCO as “The Best Integrated Scientific Knowledge Platform in The World.”

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