Why is Customer Experience and Communications strategic to scale for growth?


Customer Roundtable: Banking, Aviation, Telecom and Private Sector
16th June 2022 – JW Marriott, Cairo, Egypt


With a global pandemic still roaming around, challenges still persist for businesses to remain agile, grow and retain their customers. The pandemic has exposed a lot of broken processes and weak customer interactions that produced lots of struggles to survive, and also shifted customer relationships with many businesses to a downturn.

The rising challenge for all is to understand and cater to the impacted segments of their customers’ lives and businesses as well. COVID has put the world on a fast-forward path, where customers no longer have time to give second chances when unsatisfied with a business experience, they just leave for a better experience and peace of mind. The mounting rise of social media and digital platforms acquaintance has made it tougher for businesses to maintain a status quo.

As customers’ mindset matures and changes, this requires that you re-visit your business strategy and align your customer’s experience with your services, support, communication channels and operational activities. Customer experience is becoming one of the crucial factors of success for any business, yet it requires your attention to a shift in strategy to properly address its significance.

The importance of the topic has triggered both teams in ASSET Technology Group and OpenText to create a focused roundtable event that addresses “The Anatomy of Customer Communications” and the strategy to setting a competent customer experience into place.

The event created interactive networking activities with our guests from several industries such as: banking, telecom, aviation, and the private sector to further align their business needs and discuss the value of solutions presented to their specific sectors. It has become quite obvious today that companies that implement efficient customer focused strategies achieve better repeat sales and repeat customers, higher revenues, and lower customer churn rates.

So yes, customer experience does matter, and it will become a major brand differentiator when customers are given the choice to do business. If you are interested to join the uprise and become a disruptor in your own way, we can help you structure the right strategy, technology, tools, and people to make it happen, just let us know here