NAMAA stands out at AgroEgypt 2023


NAMAA stands out at AgroEgypt event with the launch of NAMAA Lite solution, inspiring agricultural sector’s shift towards smart farming


[Cairo, Egypt – 17th July 2023] – NAMAA, ASSET’s leading smart agriculture solution made its successful participation in the highly anticipated AgroEgypt event held recently in International Cairo Convention Center – Cairo, Egypt. We took this opportunity to release our latest NAMAA Lite cloud solution, which earned immense interest and admiration from industry professionals, farmers, and agricultural enthusiasts alike.

The event served as a catalyst for productive discussions, collaborations, and conversations surrounding the integration of NAMAA’s solutions in the agriculture sector. NAMAA has been designed and built to transform the way farm owners and growers cultivate crops and promote sustainability in agriculture, offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge features and benefits.

NAMAA leverages the power of technology to provide farm owners, growers, and governments with unparalleled insights, precision irrigation capabilities, and real-time crop health monitoring. With these advanced tools readily accessible at their fingertips, users can optimize resource utilization, increase yields, and enhance overall farm efficiency.

” We are driven by a vision of revolutionizing the agriculture industry through smart agriculture solutions,” said Essam El Badri, CEO of ASSET Technology Group. NAMAA platform empowers farmers to make informed decisions, conserve resources, and cultivate crops more efficiently, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of AgroEgypt event was NAMAA’s commitment to fostering the adoption of smart farming practices. To encourage farmers to experience the transformative power of NAMAA Lite firsthand, the company announced a FREE one-month trial of the solution. This initiative was met with resounding enthusiasm, leading to a demand in registrations and inquiries from farmers eager to embrace the future of agriculture.

“We are delighted by the overwhelming response to our participation in AgroEgypt event,” said Fathallah Nafei, Business Development Manager.

“The event provided us with an engaging platform to connect with key stakeholders in the agriculture sector and demonstrate the value of NAMAA and NAMAA Lite. The interest and positive feedback we received emphasize the growing need for smart farming solutions and reaffirm our commitment to driving innovation in agriculture.”

During the event, NAMAA’s team conducted live demonstrations of NAMAA Lite, showcasing its capabilities and highlighting its ease of use. The team engaged in appealing discussions with farmers and industry leaders, addressing their queries, understanding their pain points, and demonstrating how NAMAA Lite could revolutionize their farming operations.

Key features of NAMAA include

  • Real-Time Insights: Farmers can access comprehensive data and analytics, empowering them to make data-driven decisions for their operations.
  • Precision Irrigation: NAMAA’s advanced irrigation system ensures optimal water usage, reducing waste and promoting efficient crop growth.
  • Resource Optimization: NAMAA helps farmers optimize the use of resources such as water, fertilizers, and energy, resulting in reduced costs and environmental impact.

NAMAA is committed to supporting sustainable farming practices and addressing the challenges faced by the agriculture industry. By utilizing the right technology, NAMAA aims to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability while minimizing environmental impact.

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