Being Digital in the Government Sector

We are greatly thrilled to announce another achievement to be added to our legacy of excellence.

Dubai chamber of commerce and industry rewarded ASSET Technology Group a certificate of appreciation for our exceptional role in supplying and implementing a set of top-notch solutions to improve their procurement process.

We were able to revive the way Dubai Chamber is storing or distributing their content by offering them the Content Management wizard “JUPITER ECM”.
The solution delivers the essential capabilities for managing business-critical document in addition to a workflow integration for a smooth and protected environment.

Moreover we offered integrations with simple tools to ensure improved decision making, effectiveness, and business impact, while guaranteeing that enterprise information is secure and compliant.

Being rewarded such prominent certificate is a ring in the chain of our successive achievements and a step forward in our journey of over than 25 years’ worth of experience. Let it be a motive for all of us to achieve more to stay ahead and on top of the game.

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