The people page on any corporate website is expected to share the value of employees, some motivational and inspirational content that highlights how much they are appreciated. But then, everyone writes that. All employees are company assets, but there is more in our teams than just fancy words.

They build our business portfolio, a range of products and services across the different divisions in the company  produced and matched with their distinct abilities that develop innovative products and solutions.

They wake up for that morning cup of coffee that keeps them going. They work for long hours. They provide their project teams with consistent support. They make a difference everyday.

We have a large number of women in the workplace, proving for us every day that they are a solid cornerstone to our workplace. Some of these amazing women are working moms, they are full day supporters to their work colleagues and their families, we consider them superheroes and role models inside ASSET and definitely to their young ones.

To this beautiful blend of force shaping the future of our company, we thank you and we explicitly express our gratitude to your presence among our teams.

You are our everyday office heroes!

Memorable Experiences @ ASSET

December, 2018
Christmas in ASSET
June, 2019
Eid Al Fitr
March, 2019
Mothers’ Day