Reshaping the
Social Insurance in Egypt

  • customer: National Organization for Social Insurance
  • industry: Government
  • website:

Solution Components

  • NOSI Main Portal
  • e-Payment Services
  • Querying and Request Services
  • DOCUMENTUM Archiving
  • Mobile Application

  • Manual services and interactions in NOSI offices creates congestion and adds an extra burden on public users and NOSI officers which affects the quality of services provided.
  • Weak online presence reduces the ability of NOSI to reach its customers, spread awareness about their services and further support the community.


ASSET solution has been tailored to meet NOSI needs to further grow their service capacity and reach through efficient digital channels that serves all Egyptian citizens.

NOSI Portal:
NOSI main portal has been developed and built over SharePoint 2016. The portal delivered the various modules needed by NOSI such as: Users Management and Content Management Modules, in addition to portal front end modules: News, Articles, Social Insurance Library, Search and General Services. The portal comprises of registration and verification profiling of three user types (Individuals, Private Sector Organizations, and Public Sector Organizations) to present different business interactions done through the portal by different user roles.

The solution includes the implementation of 30 services with full documentation & description to users utilized by individuals and organizations in relation with NOSI.

Mobile Application: 
A mobile application was developed for NOSI to enable access of services to customers through their mobiles via a simple, intuitive user interface.


NOSI main portal has improved interactions of customers done through the intuitive navigation of the portal, the portal has enhanced the visibility of NOSI services and experience to customers digitally.

NOSI implemented portal supports multiple services including query services, service requests and e-payment services. In addition, NOSI mobile app has empowered easier access to different portal services to serve customers on the go.

Performance and reporting capabilities helped NOSI generate different types of reports that supports measurement of their service efficiency and reach stakeholders.