Big Ideas
Wrapped in Small Packages

MSME Main Components

  • Important Ideas and Projects
  • Success Stories
  • Smart Advisor
  • Service Providers
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Mentorship
  • Opportunities
MSME Overview

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is the ideal platform for SMEs to engage, learn and thrive in the MSME sector. The projects’ platform provides a comprehensive collection of services and information provided by state institutions, banks & NGOs to encourage candidates to start implementing their own projects or developing existing projects.
In addition, the platform provides all kinds of support that meet the needs of different groups and segments of youth entrepreneurs in Egypt.


ASSET has been privileged to contribute to the conception and development of MSME portal dedicated to empower MSMEs in the Egyptian market through a selection of services that bring together different entities into one platform to collaborate, engage, improve and build ideas and businesses across Egypt. MSME is a dynamic platform that helps and supports entrepreneurs in starting, funding, developing, connecting and enriching their businesses with diverse market parties relevant to their projects.
The platform has been created with entrepreneurs in mind, it helps existing business owners or those with ideas willing to further develop, and even as an inspirational channel to those who want to create new opportunities in the market. MSME platform assists new and growing businesses from the stage of idea inception, to planning, execution and marketing. The platform is a digital mentor and an effective means to successful ends, taking micro, small and medium organizations step by step to become competitive in the market.


Creating New Possibilities for MSMEs in Egypt

MSME platform is the standing foundation of the initiative adopted by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to support micro, small and small organizations in the Egyptian market.
The platform has been up and running for two years, with continuous support from ASSET to build and innovate over current and new modules to always be ahead of market changes.
It remains inevitable that MSMEs are major contributors to economic growth in the Middle East, therefore, it has been very important to create the proper to channel to encourage and enrich the market presence of these growing businesses, keeping the platform simple, efficient and modern to address the needs of youth development