Egypt Launches
The Largest Digital Library in the World

EKB Day of Launch Ratings

  • 5,000+ Registered Users
  • 8 million+ Sessions
  • 13,400+ Concurrent Sessions

The “Egyptian Knowledge Bank”, is one of the largest national projects that is concerned with education in Egypt, it aims to provide a huge and diversified sources for knowledge and culture for free, to all Egyptians. Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research, started taking steps to accomplish this project, after studying all the needs of the Egyptian society, as well as studying the global publishing market evaluating most of the corporations and large entities working within this field.

About EKB

Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) is the largest digital library in the world, and one of the significant national projects with the objective to develop education in Egypt through delivering a huge, diverse, and free channel of research and information for all Egyptian citizens.

The Egyptian President, Abd El Fattah Al Sissi, has announced the national initiative for improving education “A desired thinking, and innovating Egyptian society”. This initiative focuses on providing free access to net-based research resources to all segments of the Egyptian population. This vision will encourage innovation, building self-esteem, and creativity among the nation. The Council for Education and Scientific Research was nominated to supervise and manage the project execution and delivery.


ASSET was honored to be selected as the partner by the government, for building the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) and integrating all publishers’ contents through a single unified portal to make access to information easy, secure, friendly and valuable.

ASSET in cooperation with the contents providers consortium members were able to deliver such huge project within a commitment made to the President (4 months) and the project was announced to the public on time as promised. The portal reveal was a surprise as it exceeded expectations and became a highly valued channel for learning and education for students, researchers, teachers and general individuals.


EKB grants Egyptians of all ages, access to the largest spectrum amount of knowledge, cultural and scientific contents, whether it is basic, applied technology, human and management sciences and public cultural books, including books targeting children. There are more than 35 content providers/publishers from the top ranked worldwide who signed long-term arrangements with the government

EKB provides a unified portal for any Egyptian citizen, through a unified portal, inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, it provides an interface that is suitable for PCs, desktops, as well as smart phones and tablets. User profiles are maintained and the portal conducts a thorough analytics to suggest relevant topics to users and help them searching effectively across massive contents availed by publishers.