About Ministry of Civil Service – KSA

Ministry of Civil Service – KSA

The Ministry of Civil Service (MCS) is one of the most important government organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MCS is concerned with applying the civil service system and its regulations. It is also responsible for the preservation, updating and retrieval of the system documentation, regulations and decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Council of the service, and the documents and decisions related to the records of employees of all ministries and government institutions in KSA.

Ministry of Civil Service – KSA

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Every day MCS staff received over 1000 requests from the Kingdom’s civil servants for everything from training information to evaluation results.
But the absence of more centralized data access meant it could take hours to find documents and respond to those requests, resulting in missed SLAs.

Employees could not efficiently collaborate. Tasks and data could be replicated. Correspondence tracking and updating were manual processes, compounding inefficiencies. Reports which provided analyses of service effectiveness relied on manual data collection. This feedback, key to improving SLAs, was often slow and cumbersome. Finally, the cost of maintaining five sets of infrastructure was prohibitive, and took IT staff away from more important tasks.

To meet its challenges, MCS deployed a tightly integrated solution relying on Documentum xCP and ITSAL Correspondence Management System developed by ASSET Technology Group. Working alongside MCS IT staff, ASSET Technology teams deployed the new solution in only three months and migrated 17 million documents from Laserfiche systems. Following full deployment, older servers were retired.

ASSET Technology also conducted all training, and provided ongoing solutions support. Today, over 300 MCS employees based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and selected overseas global embassy personnel use the integrated Documentum / ITSAL solution to manage document workflow requirements. ITSAL Correspondence Management System adopts Documentum infrastructure, connectivity, open architecture, cloud capabilities, and high performance. The solution enables effective management of all correspondence including efficient enterprise-wide lookup and retrieval and secure confidentiality. MCS can access more than 40 advanced searches to retrieve data instantly, generate 40 custom printable reports and analytics, provide secure dynamic views to support different types of users’ roles, and instantly deploy new privileges.


MCS benefits from a full Arabic interface. SLAs and related query response times are minimized. Should MCS staff be absent, the solution automatically assigns user- defined delegates to avoid workflow stalls. A complete history of actions and follow- up requirements expedites response times. High-level oversight enables managers to manage tasks more effectively.

With Documentum and ITSAL, MCS employees find documents in seconds rather than hours, improving customer service and internal efficiencies by 50%.



50% increase in efficiency

With Documentum, MCS staff can find documents in seconds rather than hours, which has led to a Fifty Percent efficiency improvement

Yasser AlShammari – Assistant Deputy Minister of Information Technology

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